Ladies Leather Briefcases

Women are making great forays into the corporate world and are adding numbers to the workforce. Surely, they need stylized briefcases to carry all their professional and business documents around. When women are looking for the perfect leather briefcases, there is no dearth of design and style variations. As with purses, briefcases are an important accessory. Many women choose various styles to coordinate with various outfits and looks in the work place. With the variety available, finding perfectly practical yet stylish accessories is increasingly easy.

For the women professionals of today, there are a number of briefcases to choose from, the straight and classic briefcases that have been around for quite some time now; and the more functional ones that are becoming popular rapidly. Some attractive ladies briefcases have detailing on them that the men's briefcases lack. There are briefcases with a more rounded look to them and then these have obviously more compartments to accommodate all you could think of and more!

A great looking leather briefcase can accentuate a ladies wardrobe to a great extent. Owning a stunning leather briefcase would not only complete her corporate look but also impress clients and colleagues alike. Many of the ladies leather briefcases have two main compartments and then separate ones for different items. Most of them have a cell phone holder that is essential for a business person's briefcase. The functionality of the case is essential but the additional styling adds a touch of class.

An important feature of the briefcases is the carrying handle. A great looking briefcase with a comfortable attached handle is essential for keeping the hands free to carry other errands. Also a good handle will allow the briefcase to be carried effortlessly in high heels as well. A number of styles are offered for the ladies briefcases. Embellishments such as buckles and buttons make the briefcases stand out and reflect the uniqueness in personality of the person carrying it. A great shiny finish that can be easily wiped clean makes sense for the woman on the go.

Another feature to look out for is a secure lock on the briefcases. When you are carrying important documents and valuables that you will be in the form of cell phones and handheld computers among other things, lockable suitcases are an added advantage. Keeping your documents safe and sound is also essential to keep ahead in the corporate world and stay there. If the women in your life have just entered the corporate world, they are bound to be delighted with the gift of a great looking functional leather briefcase. More women are adding this as an essential accessory just like they would accent jewelry and matching purses.

If this is your first time purchasing leather briefcases, you must be aware of the following pointers:

  • Fine leather does not imply Italian leather; it must be simply thick, soft and sturdy!

  • Quick content access through top and side entry.

  • Too many zippers, clasps and snaps are repulsive rather than accentuating!

  • While being informed of 'adjustable' shoulder straps, check for the minimum and maximum length of adjustments.

  • Flexible fits for different sized laptops

  • Whether the case will fit as a carry-on baggage on airliners.

  • If the briefcases have computer safe magnets

  • If the embellishments and hardware are polished nickel and brass.

  • If the zippers are strong enough to bear wear and tear.

  • If the briefcases will allow expansion in case you need to add more to them.

  • When not in use, check to see if the pockets and dividers will lie flat.

  • Check if the briefcases have suede, leather or nylon linings.

  • If there are inside and outside pockets to stash away things?

  • If the style and design of the briefcases match your profession.

  • If the briefcase comes with a repair and replacement warranty.

  • Whether a designer label or not, the briefcases must be ultimate in luxury and quality.

Being a businesswoman, you have all the options of colors, styles and designs you could possibly fathom for briefcases. Just know what you want and you will be surprised how sophisticated and classy you could look with the perfect leather briefcase!